Posted BY: David Hoyt

In the wake of James O’Keefe’s ouster from Project Veritas and the subsequent launch of his O’Keefe Media Group, the liberal media released a predictable barrage of hit pieces on him masquerading as journalism. Perhaps they delight in recounting the accusations against O’Keefe out of a desire to even the score he ran up on them for years.

O’Keefe is accused of, among other things, excessive spending, underhanded tactics, demeaning his staff, and, one might assume, kicking puppies. What these articles fail to mention is that James O’Keefe got results. In fact, it is no coincidence that this controversy effectively killed his most impactful investigation ever, exposing what appears to be gross malfeasance at Pfizer, one of the biggest and most powerful multinational companies in the world.

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I do not know if any of the accusations levied against O’Keefe are true, and neither do any of the media outlets reporting on them. They condemn their own profession by failing to provide a shred of hard evidence for these accusations. I can tell you, however, that none of these accusations sound like the James O’Keefe I know.

I started working for O’Keefe as his chief fundraiser soon after the groundbreaking exposé of ACORN, the “community organizing” entity once led by Barack Obama. Armed with little more than a hidden camera, a young female colleague, and his grandmother’s chinchilla coat, O’Keefe took down an organization with 500,000 members and 1,200 chapters throughout the United States, which was dedicated to enslaving people to the welfare state and increasing the voter turnout for far-Left Democrats.

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