Project Veritas is saving America, while The New York Times destroys it.

Why anyone would trust a rag like The New York Times after they and their ‘journalists’ helped to lie us into the Iraq war is beyond me.

The paper regularly pushes Marxist narratives and is pretty much just a mouthpiece for the state. The New York Times is effectively state-controlled media, and their only job is to manufacture consent for the state.

A judge recently dealt a blow to the media organization in ongoing litigation between them and Project Veritas, by extending a block on the release of documents that Project Veritas alleges were wrongfully obtained by The Times.

Material that was coincidentally or not so coincidentally obtained after The F.B.I. raid on Project Veritas journalists…

Pay attention to this because I believe that The New York Times, and virtually all legacy media outlets, are going to have a tough ride ahead of them…millions are now seeing their duplicity first hand.

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