Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

In a recent Fox News interview, Jahmiel Jackson, a Democrat voter from Philadelphia, delivered a scathing critique of Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign, leaving host Ainsley Earhardt speechless. Jackson expressed deep skepticism about Biden’s leadership and openly endorsed former President Donald Trump.

One of the critical points of discussion during the interview was the indictment of Hunter Biden on federal gun charges. Jackson expressed doubts about the timing and seriousness of these charges, suggesting they were politically motivated. He believed the Biden administration used the Department of Justice for political gains.

When asked about his political leanings and who he supports in the upcoming election, Jackson didn’t hesitate to express his preference for Donald Trump. He cited Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and his seemingly disrespectful actions during a funeral for servicemen as reasons for his lack of confidence in Biden as Commander-in-Chief.

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These comments by Jackson come when Biden’s approval ratings are already suffering. Recent polls show a significant drop in support for Biden in Iowa, particularly among women and young voters, which concerns Democrats as these are two core voting blocs. Additionally, independent voters increasingly disapprove of Biden’s performance, with a net -38 approval rating among them.

In conclusion, Jahmiel Jackson’s interview on Fox News highlighted growing dissatisfaction with Joe Biden’s leadership, particularly among traditionally supportive demographics. Jackson’s endorsement of Trump and criticism of Biden’s handling of key issues add to the challenges facing the Biden administration as they prepare for the 2024 campaign.