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It may have first been famous as a SCUD-killing interceptor during the Gulf War in the early 90s. Yet, the Army’s Patriot missile continues to outlive and exceed its initial expectations by not only proving relevant in a modern warfare environment but also achieving breakthroughs typically associated with new innovations. 

The 1980s weapon, developed as part of the Big 5, stunned the world with its ability to knock Saddam Hussein’s SCUDs straight out of the sky with a precision intercept. Yet at this time, few would have imagined such a system would be capable of tracking and intercepting two maneuvering cruise missiles at once. By extension, today’s Patriots in Ukraine are capable of tracking and destroying incoming Russian cruise missiles. 

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Years ago, the Patriot Advanced Capability – 3, PAC-3, became famous as a “hit-to-kill” kinetic energy interceptor, which demonstrated performance capacities beyond those exhibited during the Gulf War. Some of the initial breakthroughs with Patriot modernization related to range and guidance precision, complemented by increasingly accurate and sensitive radar. 

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