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Joe Biden is taking another long weekend at home in Delaware. But before he left, he made time to do nothing about Russia intentionally downing an unmanned U.S. military aircraft in international air space over international waters.

Clearly, the Chinese and North Koreans and, now the Russians, are testing the old guy. And once again the 80-year-old American commander in chief flunked.

Biden, who sets a record for oldest president in office every single day, says his “intention” is to do this job through another term, when he’s scheduled to turn 86. God helps us!

These international provocations don’t go away by themselves. Our opponents take notes and factor our responses – or lack of them – into future actions and provocations.

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And as recent history has shown, economic sanctions may sound tough in a photo op for TV news. But sanctions are totally ineffective responses if the goal is to change another country’s behavior. See Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, and — oh- look! — Russia numerous times in recent years.

The $32 million Reaper drone that took off from Romania was flying over the Black Sea gathering intel on the fighting in Ukraine, specifically Russian movements and signals.

Presumably, much or all of that information would have been passed on to the Ukrainian command, our proxy destroyer of Moscow’s once-vaunted military might.

The Reaper, which replaced the Predator, weighs two tons with a 66-foot wingspan and a top speed of 300 miles an hour. A Reaper armed with two Hellfire missiles was the one that tracked and killed Qassem Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, in Baghdad near the end of Donald Trump’s term.

Russia blamed the U.S. for last week’s drone downing. Then, the Pentagon released a brief video transmitted from the drone showing the Russian fighter harassing the plane for 40 minutes. On two passes the Russian craft dumped fuel on the drone, which fouled the lone propeller.

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