The letter “Q” was cryptically posted to John McAfee’s Instagram account just hours after his mysterious death on Wednesday, prompting theories that his death was not suicide.

McAfee’s wife, Janice, is believed to have posted to his accounts for him while he was imprisoned – but it is unclear who posted the cryptic “Q” message.

The mainstream media immediately reported McAfee’s death as a suicide, however, McAfee repeatedly warned that if he was found dead by suicide it was an inside job by the U.S. government.

McAfee even got a tattoo in 2019 saying “$WHACKD.” reports: McAfee was arrested by Spanish authorities on October 3, 2020 at the El Prat Airport.He was wanted by the US government for owing millions of dollars in taxes.

Zero Hedge reports that earlier this month, McAfee argued in a videolink hearing that charges against him are politically motivated, and that he would die in prison if he was returned to the US.

If convicted, he was facing up to 30 years in prison.