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Titanic tourist submarine

Race to save Titan five: Rescue ship Deep Energy joins a frantic mission that won’t arrive until TONIGHT – as the crew tries to conserve energy with just 24 hours of oxygen left

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A French ship carrying the only underwater vehicle capable of rescuing the Titan

five was today racing towards Newfoundland – but will not get there until midnight UK time. Hopes of finding the sub – which disappeared on Sunday while descending 12,500ft to the wreck of the Titanic – rest on the Victor 6000, which can reach depths of 20,000ft. The remote-operated vehicle (ROV) may be able to fix a cable onto the sub before it is hauled to the surface by the Flyaway Deep Ocean Salvage System, a specialist US military winch that in 2021 managed to rescue a helicopter from 19,075ft deep. The ROV is onboard the ship Atalante, which is owned by the Ifremer ocean research institute, and is currently in the northwest Atlantic traveling at 11.6kn (13mph), according to a marine tracker. Last night, a military plane heard ‘loud banging’ coming from the area the sub is believed to be located, but today former rear admiral Chris Parry said this may be emanating from the Titanic itself, which ‘makes a lot

of noise’.However, oceanographer David Gallo suggested the sounds could well have originated from the sub, adding that making noises to alert rescuers was something one of those trapped inside – diver Paul-Henri Nargeolet – ‘would certainly do’. Speaking to CNN, he said: ‘One of the wonders I have is: did [searchers] make any signal back, acoustically, to signal to the sub that we hear their signal? Sound carries very easily through the ocean … you would hear it in the sub for sure.’ 

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Today, John Mauger of the US Coastguard – which is leading the search – said the underwater noises are a ‘target’ of the operation but said the source of the sound is unknown.

This afternoon, the sister of UK-based businessman Shahzada Dawood, who is aboard the missing sub with his 19-year-old son Suleman, said the family’s ‘sole focus’ is on their rescue as oxygen supplies dwindle.

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