Another contrived media moral panic.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

One of the “racist” incidents that prompted a week of media moral panic over the treatment of black England football players has been revealed to have no racial connotation whatsoever.


Following the Euro 2020 final, where England were defeated on penalties by Italy, a wave of supposed racial abuse originating with England fans against their own players ensued.

This was exploited to push for further mass censorship and a call for people to be forced to provide official identity documents before being allowed to open a social media account.

It subsequently emerged that a tiny fraction of the abuse had actually originated in England and that the vast majority of it had come from fake bot accounts or people living in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Another incident that played into the narrative was the apparent “racist” defacing of a mural of striker Marcus Rashford in Manchester.

This prompted a wave of support which turned the mural into a bizarre kind of shrine that looked more like a memorial.

Black Lives Matter and ‘Refugees Welcome’ activists then descended on the site to ‘take a knee’ against racism.

It has now been revealed that the words used to deface the mural, originally blurred out in media reports, had no racial connotations whatsoever.

Sky News Reports: “Graffiti sprayed on to a mural of Marcus Rashford in Manchester is “not believed to be of a racial nature,” police have said.”

The graffiti included “swear words” but did not refer in any way to the ethnicity of the three black players who missed their penalties, Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.

Greater Manchester Police said they were “keeping an open mind as to the motive” behind the person or persons responsible for defacing the mural and that no arrests had been made.

While the original fury over the “racist” incident in addition to the offensive messages sent on social media received wall to wall press coverage, the fact that the messages originated mainly abroad and that the mural incident wasn’t racial are being quietly reported well below the fold.