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Katie Hobbs spoke last week at a McCain Institute forum in Sedona, Arizona, where she addressed the issue of homelessness and reportedly applauded Shit Hole California Governor Gavin Newsom’s policies while speaking about what she is doing about the crisis in Arizona.

Hobbs is steadily turning Arizona into California.

Recently, camps of homeless people have been popping up across Phoenix.

Phoenix Homeless Encampment 32nd St. & McDowell Rd.

As in California, Arizona’s homeless residents have no choice but to urinate and defecate in the street. Pretty soon, stepping on human feces and using needles will become the norm in urban Arizona.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the homelessness crisis in California. In Marin County, California, a homeless encampment of decaying campers and RVs has grown two miles long.

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