Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Thousands of users on the platform X, previously known as Twitter, have made a resounding declaration of their intention to resist any forthcoming lockdown measures or mandates related to vaccines and masks. This declaration gained significant traction through the trending phrase “Do not comply” over the weekend. The catalyst for this surge of defiance was the caution sounded by Alex Jones, the host of Infowars, who alleged that the Biden administration was gearing up to introduce new Covid-19 protocols involving lockdowns.

This apprehension was swiftly bolstered by a multitude of subsequent media articles echoing the sentiment that Covid-19 was poised for a resurgence. These reports advised the public to prepare for a potential return to the use of face masks and even consider receiving additional Covid booster shots.

In response to these developments, a multitude of X users took to the platform to assert their refusal to abide by any future lockdown directives or mandates regarding vaccines and masks. The backdrop to this resistance is the global impact of past comparable directives, which is cited as a driving factor in their defiance. The efficacy and consequences of such measures have ignited worldwide concern and motivated people to take a firm stand against their repetition.

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This resolute response highlights a growing awakening within the public consciousness. The alarm bells rung by Alex Jones and subsequently echoed by various media outlets have led to a convergence of individuals who are determined to resist perceived encroachments on their liberties. As a result, the proponents of these anticipated measures, colloquially referred to as “globalists,” are now faced with the formidable challenge of swaying an increasingly united populace that is steadfast in their refusal to comply.

In essence, a fervent wave of liberty and freedom has been set in motion, rapidly disseminating through the virtual channels of X. The unity displayed by these individuals in their defiance signifies a wider awakening to the potential ramifications of Covid-19 measures. This collective determination serves as a potent reminder that in the face of adversity, the strength of common purpose can reshape the narrative and assert the importance of personal agency.