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GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently addressed the concept of the “deep state” and his strategy to counter it, labeling U.S. politicians as “puppets” and “hollowed-out husks” functioning within a broader “globalist machine.” Speaking on a podcast with Shawn Ryan, Ramaswamy likened the situation to a “modern 1775 moment,” where the struggle is not confined to individual confrontations, but rather against a pervasive system.

He criticized the notion that critical decisions should be made by an elite group in the backrooms of power, highlighting that the foundation of the United States was built on the opposite principle, emphasizing the power of the people in self-governance. Ramaswamy pinpointed a “managerial class” that spans governmental and corporate realms, making it difficult to identify, yet shaping policies and actions.

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He contended that the true division in the nation transcends political parties and lies between the citizens and this managerial class. Ramaswamy’s stance received a nod from former President Trump, who expressed interest in considering him for a significant role, praising his intellect and energy.

Ramaswamy himself clarified that his sights are set on the presidency and not on a vice presidential position. He drew parallels between his approach and Trump’s, both expressing a preference for leadership rather than a secondary role. As the political landscape continues to evolve, Ramaswamy’s viewpoints on the deep state, the power balance, and the role of citizens versus a managerial class provide insights into his perspective as a GOP candidate.