Kentucky senator lists complaints on everything from Covid lockdowns to government pork-barrel spending.’Of course, Fauci didn’t limit himself to Covid this year. He also funded torturing puppies and monkeys. And no I’m not kidding.’

Source: NwoReport

As is the yearly tradition, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) celebrated the Seinfeld–based Festivus holiday by spelling out his problems with wasteful government spending and petty covid tyrants.

Following a year of Covid restrictions, lockdowns, and mask mandates, Paul had plenty to complain about via Twitter Thursday, where he took issue with Democrats who salivated over Covid lockdown measures.

“Festivus of course is highlighted by the airing of grievances. I’ve definitely got a lot of problems with you people,” Paul began adding, “And by you people, I mostly mean the petty tyrants who run your local, state, and federal governments. 2021 was a banner year for being a petty tyrant, with them all literally tripping over each other for the dumbest covid lockdown or mandate idea.”

Paul also bashed arch-nemesis, Anthony Fauci, for being wrong “a lot,” and put his research program torturing puppies on blast.

Sen. Paul also released his annual Festivus Report criticizing government pork-barrel spending and a multitude of federally-funded research programs.