Democrat leadership and corporate media “want to make sure that he’s pushed enough that he knows he can’t run again, so they can start looking for a new candidate,” says the Kentucky senator.

Posted BY: RM | NwoReport

The corporate media has turned against Joe Biden and is now trying to force him out of the 2024 presidential race, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) claimed.

Paul was asked by “The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham on Friday if he believes the media is trying to derail Biden’s 2024 prospects.

“Senator, do you subscribe to this theory that there is or it appears to be some type of internal attempt to take Biden out of the 2024 running?” Ingraham asked.

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Paul said he believes the media started turning on Biden following his classified documents scandal after previously ignoring his past scandals for years, signaling they are ready to move on from him as the Democrats’ 2024 candidate.

“I think if you watch the news cycle, there’s a startling difference in the last week or two, particularly over the classified documents and perhaps over some of the corruption charges with Hunter Biden,” Paul replied.

“They’ve been steadfast in ignoring this, you know, for years and really not reporting on it at all. I think the fact that they’re reporting on it now, if I had to guess, if we were in the boardroom of some of these left-wing media outlets, what we’d be hearing is, it’s time to sort of ease him out, make sure that he knows that he can’t run again, in case he’s rumbling that he might run again.”

The Kentucky senator also said the Democrat leadership is on board with the media’s attacks against Biden because they’re desperate for a better candidate.

“I think most of us have suspected that he wouldn’t run again,” he said. “But I think the Democrats and those in charge of the Democrat wing of the press, I think, they want to make sure that he’s pushed enough that he knows he can’t run again, so they can start looking for a new candidate.”

Democrats for months have been divided on whether to throw their support behind Biden should he run again in 2024, with many in the leadership refusing to publicly take a stance one way or the other.

But the media has been broadcasting the Democrats’ thinking over the last several weeks in the wake of his scandal over mishandling classified documents and has decided that “Biden is done,” as Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted last week.