More than three-quarters of U.S. voters said violent crime is a major problem in a poll taken one month from Election Day.

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A college dad shot by two homeless men high on drugs and long sought by police. An illegal migrant who stabbed eight on the Las Vegas strip. An abused wife slaughtered after her husband was released without cash bail.

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In a single week, the Democrats’ permissive approach to law enforcement — insecure borders, cashless bail and exploding homelessness — left a lethal wake of innocent victims that shook communities coast to coast and invigorated a political debate less than 30 days from mid-term elections.

“Policymakers have decided that law-abiding citizens are secondary and that those who commit crimes are afforded protections that embolden more crime,” Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro in New York told Fox News earlier this week.

Molinaro was reacting to the tragic shooting death of Paul Kutz, a 53-year-old college dad who was gunned down in a suburban New York hotel while visiting his son during family weekend at Marist College.

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