Rasmussen Reports, the influential polling company, tweeted Saturday their belief that Matt Drudge has sold and is no longer running the titanic news aggregator that bears his name, the Drudge Report.

🔦 The Drudge Report — one of the most popular news destinations on the web, regularly clocking over a billion page views per month — has historically been a conservative-leaning news aggregator and was openly pro-Trump before and after the president’s election victory. The site has garnered much attention in recent months for a clear shift in coverage of the president, and its overall tone, seemingly turning against Trump and its historic conservative slant. The move has outraged some conservative pundits and resulted in the creation of new Drudge competitors.

If the Drudge Report has indeed been sold, this would explain the shift in the site’s tone. It would also be a major story, as the Drudge Report is a powerful driver of traffic, regularly competing against and beating sites like CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post in visits.