Source: Mike LaChance

MSNBC’s Racist Joy Reid is not popular with many cable news viewers.

In fact, since her show debuted in 2020, she has shed more than fifty percent of her audience. That’s a huse loss in viewers.

Perhaps people don’t like being told that hald of the country are racist bigots night after night.

That is Joy Reid’s entire business model, after all.

FOX News reports:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has lowest-rated month ever, sheds 51% of debut audience from 2020

MSNBC host Joy Reid’s “ReidOut” finished April with its smallest monthly audience in the far-left program’s nearly two-year history.

“ReidOut” averaged 1.1 million viewers during the news-heavy month, a 31% decline from April of last year. She also shed 11% of viewers who tuned in last month and a staggering 51% compared to the show’s debut month of July 2020.

“ReidOut” has also lost 57% of her total audience among the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults age 25-54 since the program launched in July 2020, finishing April with a dismal demo average of only 124,000 viewers. “ReidOut” viewership during April was MSNBC’s least-watched month during the weeknight 7 p.m. hour among the critical demo since July 2015.

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During April, every single Fox News Channel weekday program – including “FOX & Friends First” which airs from 4-6 a.m. ET – outdrew “The ReidOut.”

Reid’s may not have attracted many viewers during the month of April, but she certainly made headlines with a series of outlandish comments.

This week she suggested Elon Musk “missed” South Africa’s apartheid, in a rant against the Tesla CEO and incoming Twitter owner. Along with her guest Jason Johnson, “The ReidOut” host trashed Musk while mocking conservatives as “outsiders to the culture” who were going to miss being able to bully “smart” liberals leaving Twitter.

How could such a pleasant person lose so many viewers? It’s a real mystery.