Posted BY: J. Robert Smith

The end of the Marxist-infiltrated Progressive Era isn’t happening with a whimper, but with bangs.  In 2024, it’ll happen with convulsions, likely violent.  What follows is up for grabs.    

The foreshadowing occurred again in Nashville last week.  Will the leftist-stoked and Democrat/establishment sanctioned 2020 riots prove merely a preview to a calamitous and pivotal 2024 presidential election year? 

Six innocents — three nine-year-olds, two teachers, and the school’s principal — were gunned down in cold blood by a self-identified transgender, Audrey Hale.  The act was demonic, though studiously papered over by the establishment media.  How does anyone with an ounce of an uncorrupted soul look a nine-year-old in the face and pull a trigger?  Yet, Hale did just that. 

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Hale did that because she was raging — raging because a fraction in the trans community are being encouraged to rage by Antifa and other left-wing outfits.  Buy guns, trans are told, because “others” are out to get you.  (We await the release of Hale’s manifesto for confirmation of motives.  Will law enforcement redact the document?)       

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