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A recent poll has revealed that President Joe Biden is facing significant challenges with independent voters, with his approval rating plummeting to 40 percent and a disapproval rating of 60 percent among all Americans. Among independents, nearly 70 percent disapprove of his performance, giving him a dire net -38 approval rating in this crucial demographic.

The poll findings are consistent with previous surveys that show Biden’s approval ratings hovering in the low 40s, with widespread dissatisfaction among independents. Despite strong support from Democrats (79 percent approval), Biden is facing a tough road ahead as 92 percent of Republicans and a significant majority of independents (69 percent) express disapproval.

Senate Democrats have expressed concerns over Biden’s declining poll numbers, acknowledging that his age is a significant factor influencing public perception. Some senators believe it’s challenging to improve these numbers before the 2024 election, as voters are showing apathy towards his potential reelection.

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President Biden’s approval ratings, particularly among independent voters, paint a grim picture for his administration. The poll’s results indicate that he faces an uphill battle in regaining support from this critical demographic, as well as an overall majority of Americans. While Democrats are concerned about these numbers, the road to improvement seems uncertain given the challenges of changing voter perceptions and the influence of Biden’s age on his presidency’s perception. With the 2024 election on the horizon, these poll numbers pose a significant hurdle for the Biden administration, requiring a strategic approach to regain trust and support from the American electorate.