Posted BY: John Radell

The leftist transformation of America is almost complete.  They have captured the citadels of America and have transformed the cultural and moral foundations of what makes America, well, America.  If we are to reclaim the America we grew up in, we must realize these things: the conservative movement is dead, every American citadel has fallen to the threats of the “woke,” the establishment controls all politics Democrat and Republican, and unless the church is ready to return to the public square to lead the charge to reclaim the moral and religious convictions that built this nation, then America will fall.

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How did the conservative movement die? It died on the table of compromise and at the hands of the establishment who claimed they supported conservative principles. You know, the McConnells, Romneys, McCarthys, Grahams, and Bushs of politics and every Republican who keeps voting to raise the debt ceiling and collapsing our economy over and over again.

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