Posted BY: Jeffrey Folks

The accepted definition of “racism” is “prejudice against members of a different ethnic group,” with “ethnic” defined as a “subgroup … with a common national or cultural tradition.”  By this definition, residents of the South and the West constitute “ethnic groups,” and there is abundant evidence of prejudice against these regions in American history and in today’s politics and media.

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What the Northern and coastal elite feel toward the South and West is a level of contempt that amounts to racism. For many decades, liberals have displayed a racist attitude toward white Southerners, a group with which most liberals in the coastal regions have little contact. When liberals ripped down the statues of Southern heroes such as Robert E. Lee and treated them with contempt, that was not just an act of removing the images of slaveholders — it was a display of racial disdain for the people of another region, the vast majority of whom are not descendants of slaveholders. One-quarter of Southerners owned slaves, and some two percent owned large numbers of slaves on large plantations.

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