Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is being accused of running her office like a tyrant after some of her office’s internal emails have been released to the public.

Some of these emails obtained by a reporter with the Chicago Tribune show staffers losing it because of ho Lightfoot and her cronies are treating them.

“I need office time everyday!” is repeated 16 times in one leaked email. “Not just once a week or some days, everyday!” repeats 10 times. “Breaks or transition times between meetings are not office time” repeats seven times. “If this doesn’t change immediately, I will just start unilaterally cancelling things every day” repeats five times.

The released emails vindicate previous reporting from the Chicago Tribune that described the horrific work culture within the Mayor’s office.

“At least a dozen top people have resigned or said they’re on their way out since late last year. Several positions have remained unfilled for weeks or months,” the article published last month said.

Some of the released emails can be seen here:

Just got this email via FOIA — more insight about City Hall staffing/turnover/culture under Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Read our May story also— Gregory Pratt (@royalpratt) June 12, 2021

Big League Politics has reported on how Chicago is becoming an even worse hellscape under the sodomite stewardship of Lightfoot:

Northwards of 3,100 people were shot in Chicago so far in the year of 2020.

According to a Chicago Tribune report,  the total number of shootings victims came out to 3,132 thus far. AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News noted that these numbers included “the fatally wounded as well as those who survived.”

In the Tribune report, the number of homicides that took place from  January 1, 2020, up until September 28, 2020, reached 576. On the other hand, CNN reported fewer than 500 homicides for the entire year of 2019.

What’s taking place in Chicago is part of a larger trend sweeping across the country. Democrat-controlled cities have become cesspools of corruption and public disorder. As a result of gun control policies and lax criminal justice policies, these cities have descended into total disarray and lawful individuals have little means of defending themselves…

Democrat officials have no one to blame but themselves for their cities’ dilapidated conditions. Republicans should hammer home the stark differences between GOP-controlled and Democrat-controlled jurisdictions.

For example, in red states and cities, Americans can enjoy more gun rights, better business conditions, and stronger public security institutions. Republicans should not shy away from making these comparisons during the 2020 election cycle.”

Lightfoot’s leadership in Chicago shows what happens to cities after they fall to diversity and multiculturalism. Her lack of a moral compass is evident in how she governs the city. If the political trends are not sharply curtailed, this is how every city will be governed before long.