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Build Back Better – 666 – 6uild 6ack 6etter

Question; How can you build back unless it was destroyed in the first place?  How can it be “better” unless it is very different than it was or had been?  This slogan of “build back better” is another form of the New World Order, the Great Reset, the Green New Deal and so on as described last September 28 here on ANP story showing how “they” (the NWO, Illuminati, etc) are destroying this world to allow a rebuild into their demonic totalitarian world dictatorship.  Another view of how this conspiracy to destroy the world is related to the Satanic New World Order can be found in an interesting First Video at the end of this article titled “666 The Obama Agenda: ‘Build Back Better’”.

The point of this article is not to rehash the bbb/666 business, but to explore the methods they are using to destroy this world in the first place.  The first graphic above gives a clue to what seems to be the preferred method they are using, but it is not the only one.  Sun Tzu had a lot to say on the subject, and we will use his concepts to guide us in this hopefully interesting discussion, so lets start at the beginning; the battle is won before it is fought.  That means lay out the plan completely and follow it.  The Satanic forces have done so to a very tight and detailed degree as has been revealed in the many announcements they have given on what they are going to do to us, but to a very large degree, we have not listened or it has gone over our heads. They are adamant on telegraphing their intentions and goals ahead of time as news story after news story has shown.  The recent Climate Summit held in Glasgow Scotland is a prime example as the world “leaders” in government and ultra big corporation’s coordinated the attack plan against the worlds future, especially the USA’s future, in destroying clean cheap energy to drain us of the ability to sustain ourselves.  America is their greatest hurdle to that goal, and our destruction is one huge goal to achieve.

The destruction of our energy sources is only one of the battle grounds of the war we are in right now.  The obvious one is the fake pandemic to force the world’s population into getting the bio-weapon injection that will kill so many.  Eliminating the enemy without firing a shot is one of Sun Tzu’s greatest tactics, and you must know the enemy well first.  That is why China has ownership of so many US tech companies and politicians; yes, they own Biden, Obama, and so many others in our government and colleges, and that is how they have created a massive advantage over us because they know what we have and can do, not to mention the theft of our technology that they then brandish against us.  Our armed forces cannot function without massive amounts of energy, mostly fuel for our military vehicles including land, air and sea.  Although our major ships are nuclear powered, our escorts are all carbon energy source powered.  The kerosene requirements for our fighters and bombers is huge, many flights require refueling, and many of them more than once per flight.  That does not include the strategy of plugging up the supply lines with idled transport of vital men, equipment and civilian needs by stopping all transportation internally and in off shore battle related places.  You cannot move much when our main arteries are filled with stalled civilian traffic, let alone the problem of starving civilians creating so many problems in their own right.

Our military is also heavily compromised with such idiocy as ‘white privilege’, which does not even exist; it is only a psychological warfare tactic to destroy a cohesive military, political and civilian population.  Consider how difficult it is to wage war when the homeland is in civil war.  Or when the nation is overwhelmed by invading foreign troops disguised as “refugees” and “asylum seekers” from all over the world, taxing resources that are already slim from very poor agencies and law management by federal, state and local governments that have been infiltrated by enemy agents.  And add to that the deadly enemies of the people that were supposed to be our saviors such as the FBI, CIA DOJ, IRS and so many others.

The recent, current and coming increases in energy restrictions, specifically hydrocarbons, also gives a major blow to food production and not just in transportation after it is grown.  “They” are shutting down the fertilizer systems, the food processing systems, the packaging and other aspects because they are all dependant on oil.  The farm machinery cannot run without fuel and lubricants, and the production of replacement parts is also based on energy supplies.  Think of it in this way, World War One casualties were mostly from disease while World War Two fatalities were mostly from starvation.  In both instances, war dead from combat were behind that when including the civilian populations that were deceased because of the wars.  Historically that has been the case.  War disrupts food production and armies take their needs first, while the populations get whatever is left behind, if any.  That is not likely to change with “modern” systems of warfare, and is a very large part of the plan to destroy this nation with many aspects already in full swing.  The coming months and years will see the fruition of these well laid plans.

All warfare is based on deception” is one of Sun Tzu’s most well known quotes, and if you do not recognize that you are doomed to failure because you have no idea what is actually going on.  Let’s consider what has been happening in our education system the last handful of decades.  The destruction of critical thought, the forced acceptance of Marxism, the destruction of moral character and the elimination of God in our schools has all but destroyed the moral fabric and rational thinking skills of our kids which shows the ugliest forms in the current makeup of our colleges and subsequent loss of actual useable education.  Imagine a military unit run by homosexual atheists bent on converting the world to unicorn playtime with rainbow pudding (… umm, wait …. that is already in force) trying to wage war against well trained, focused and fierce troops.  American apathy towards our situation is not only created by treasonous schooling, media, entertainment and the like but is also a huge advantage to our enemies including those that are internal to our nation.

Tactical dispositions can be altered on a massive scale by arming your enemies beforehand.  Let’s just mention Afghanistan lightly as we arm Iran, Pakistan and others and give high tech modern airbases to Chinese forces in an arena that we used to have good dispersed show of power capabilities, but no more.  This item includes not building enemies opportunities or giving him an advantage in strategic advantage.  We have failed miserably on this count, and on purpose; it is all well planned and executed as we both armed our enemies and gave them situational advantage overnight by some of the worst enemies this nation has ever seen, and those enemies are in our highest offices of power.  Tactical disruptions in our strategic situation are also very much compromised.  Russia has been invading Ukraine with massive arms and men involved and NATO is on the highest alert status along with our European command in that area.  It seems world war is imminent considering the posturing, troop and war machinery, and alert status indicators show for that region.  The situation in Taiwan is no different, and we could fill a number of written pieces on that alone.  There are many different opinions on whether or not there will be war in the Western Pacific, and the indications are that there will be.  Whether that takes the form of ignoring militarily the advance of China into Taiwan as the current occupier of our White House and friends seems to indicate, the capitulation of the US after a short but deadly battle as so many war planners and gamers seem to think, or the almost inevitable enlargement into a full conflagration of nuclear disaster as it seems to my understandings to be the future; we will need to wait and see.  But we will not need to wait very long as China is chewing their way into an irreversible confrontation with their steady increases in actions and rhetoric.  Our military is divided into the “black hat” groups and the “white hat” group and I am not sure which one of those opposing factions is on the winning side, so it is still a crap shoot as to whether a pair of sevens or snake eyes will be tossed.  Either way, a divided military is a dead military.  If I were to bet, I would play the bet that within perhaps the end of Little Joey Brandon’s term we will know for sure.  The Second Video below covers some views on the Taiwan China war that seems to me to be valid.

Remember that the so-called Illuminati (that is their own self reference term) that is made up of so many coordinating secret societies around the world have it in mind to knock off most of the world’s population very soon as they have so eloquently stated over and over.  They have completed Agenda 21 and are well into getting Agenda 30 successfully implanted around our globe.  Agenda 21 is named for the year 2021, and the same naming system is used in Agenda 30.  I suggest that in pushing that we will see the destruction of the planets population early on to enable the other goals of a world totalitarian and Satanic dictatorship time to be put together by their timetable of events ending in 2030 which is not very far away.  Much of that depopulation will be by non warfare systems like the mRNA shots and the coming pandemics they have already promised they will release, and much by starvation that they are implementing already, and more by civil wars as they are formed around the globe, but especially here at home where they think they can get us to go against one another as is beginning to take shape in our cities with the loss of employment, disease, invasion of deadly drugs into our population, pushing terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM into destructive actions, and so forth.  All of these have been well documented here on the pages of ANP by many authors. 

As I said in the beginning, we must be destroyed before we can be rebuilt.  America is the greatest impediment to their final plans, we will be destroyed but they will not be the ones to rebuild.  It will be the followers of the returned Christ that will put together the new world under His leadership.