Posted BY: Jeffrey Folks

The usual election spin has begun.  “Biden’s not really so bad.  Democrats will retain the House and Senate.  Newsom will step in for the ’24 presidential election.  Dems will win everything…”

Only it’s worse this time.  The spin began the moment Trump won in 2016, and it has never stopped.  It began with the Russia-gate hoax, then the two false impeachments, the Jan. 6 committee, the raid on Mar-a-Lago, and now it culminates with the confident predictions that Dems will retain the Senate and the House.

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Nate Cohn, writing in the New York Times, suggested that “this time may be different” and the party in power may actually gain seats.  Or as CNN’s Chris Cillizza put it in early September, “Democrats have the edge in the fight for Senate control.”  Or as Newsweek’s Jack Dutton had it back in the summer, “Democrats favored to win Senate for the first time as polling improves.”  And again and again, from MSNBC to CBS to the Washington Post, “Democrats will win.”

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