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US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed New York City Mayor Eric Adams for putting “a target” on her back as she joined protesters demonstrating against Donald Trump’s arraignment Tuesday. 

Greene (R-Ga.) told The Post that Adams “should be ashamed of himself” after he specifically named her when calling on Trump supporters to avoid violence during Tuesday’s rally in Lower Manhattan. 

He’s never met me before, he only believes the lies he’s seen on the news about me, which is terrible,” she said. “I was watching CNN earlier this morning and they were calling me a conspiracy theorist and saying horrible things about me.

“That’s the type of news Mayor Adams listens to about me and then he named me by name, warning me. It was a warning and it was really a threat,” she added.  

“I perceived it as a threat from the mayor of New York City, for me to not come. He threatened me. He put a target on my back and that was wrong. He owes me an apology. That was horrible behavior for a mayor.” 

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