Hardcore globalist in charge of America’s supply chain

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

Natalie Winters of the National Pulse published an exclusive article Tuesday detailing the shady background of White House Director for Sustainable Supply Chains Betty Cremmins.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Cremmins has held the position in the Biden administration since February of 2022.

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Prior to becoming the White House’s lead supply chain advisor, Cremmins worked for Hunter Biden’s Washington D.C. think tank the Truman National Security Project as well as the World Economic Forum.

Cremmins was a National Security Fellow and Climate Affiliate Group Co-Lead at the D.C. think tank where Hunter Biden sat as vice-chairman of the board.

The Biden supply chain advisor ran a WEF initiative supporting the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration for over a year.

In this position, Cremmins promoted nature conservation and how it ties into the WEF’s agenda.

Later, she was promoted to head the WEF Natural Climate Solutions Alliance where she convinced businesses, governments and others to take action to combat climate change.

While working for a non-profit called the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Cremmins was the senior account manager for a supply chain program that “prioritizes sustainability and combatting climate change among the world’s leading multinational corporations.”

The program’s goal was, “To transform the global economic system to prevent dangerous climate change.”

Will Cremmins prioritize the climate over basic supply chain needs in her new role in the Biden administration?