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Now that the Justice Department Inspector General report on FISA abuse has been released, all eyes are on prosecutor John Durham whose probe into the origins of the Russia hoax is ongoing.

With the media covering the Democrat impeachment sham, the work of I.G. Michael Horowitz got little play in the mainstream media despite the damning revelations in his report of FBI deception of the secret surveillance court. 

But while Horowitz’s scope was limited, Durham’s isn’t and there is a very serious possibility that high-level Obama regime figures are going to end up on the receiving end of indictments.

That is the opinion of former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy who predicted on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom” that Durham’s ability to probe a wider scope of matters than Horowitz would result in criminal charges.

McCarthy’s speculation centered on Attorney General William Barr’s comments that Durham’s investigation is not limited as well as a recent New York Times story that ex-CIA director and MSNBC employee John Brennan is in the crosshairs.

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