Posted BY: Cullen Linebarger

A watchdog organization is alleging that one of America’s most prominent Catholic health systems is betraying morality and mutilating innocent children. The Epoch Times was the first to report on the story.

The Lepanto Institute published a 64-page report claiming that CommonSpirit Health, the largest “Catholic” health system in the country, is providing transgender surgeries for minors and other “gender-affirming” care services including hormone therapies and puberty blockers. Abortions are also being performed.

This is all in direct contradiction to Catholic Church teachings on these issues, which have remained consistent for decades.

They provided the report exclusively to The Epoch Times, which was the first website to report on the story.

CommonSpirit is a giant non-profit health system with more than 1,000 care sites and 140 hospitals across 21 states. The Media Research Center also points out that one of the hospitals in the network, St. Francis Memorial Hospital, even has a “Gender Institute” where they reportedly perform gender reassignment surgeries.

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Here is what the Lepanto Institute report states:

Included in the list of surgical procedures provided by CommonSpirit’s Saint Francis Memorial Hospital are facial and body reconstructive surgeries to make the individual appear to be more masculine or feminine, genital reconstruction procedures, vocal alteration surgeries, and a host of other abominations.

The transgender craze has seized the world by the throat and is choking life out of the bedrock of civilization: the family. And this is happening right under the nose of the Vatican.

President Michael Hichborn, the author of the report, told the Epoch Times he is saddened by his findings. He explained to the website he hopes those who claim to be Catholics will start to line up with the Church’s teachings.

Other findings by Hichborn show that CommonSpirit Health covers sex change operations and other trans surgeries in its employee benefits package.

In addition to performing sex-change operations, CommonSpirit provides employee benefits that cover sex-change operations, transgender hormone treatments, and even puberty blockers for kids.

Hichborn also revealed that the hospital system answers directly to the Vatican. The report states that CommonSpirit Health benefits from being part of the Catholic Church via religious tax exemptions and is a subsidiary of the Catholic Healthcare Federation.

Don’t count on Vatican officials to distance themselves from this madness, however. They care more about open borders and liberation theology.