The term “Twitter files” has only been used six times by anchors

Posted BY: Steve Watson

The major left-leaning U.S. news networks have spent only 14 minutes between them covering Elon Musk’s ongoing release of the Twitter files, which have highlighted a policy of censorship based on the partisan political alignment of woke former company executives and employees.

The data drops, which have also revealed that former Twitter execs, were regularly meeting with U.S. intelligence officials and policing content at their behest, have been almost completely ignored by the likes of CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Fox News reports that Grabian’s analysis of news transcripts shows the term “Twitter files” has only been used six times by anchors.

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The report notes that “CNN covered the story for three minutes, only on Dec. 9, while MSNBC spent two minutes on the story the same day, as well as five minutes on Dec. 11 and four minutes on Dec. 12.”

“CBS News, ABC News, and NBC News have not discussed the Twitter files in the last week,” it adds.

The Twitter Files: The Corporate Media Ignores The Biggest Story Of The Decade

MSNBC’s coverage basically consisted of hosts Mehdi Hasan and Joe Scarborough dismissing the bombshell revelations as nothing of any importance.

“Do the Twitter files show evidence of left-wing bias on Twitter?,” Hasan asked rhetorically, answering “No. In fact, the whole Twitter-discriminates-against conservatives-line that Elon or his spin merchants, conservative journalists, like to spout, is literally the opposite of the truth.”

According to the legacy media, despite concrete proof, it’s still a ‘conspiracy theory’ that Twitter was shadow-banning and blacklisting accounts of conservatives.

THE TWITTER FILES, PART II – Twitter’s Secret Blacklists

As we highlighted last week, Musk announced that he thinks it is likely that some data that was contained in files on Twitter servers has been hidden and deleted since he vowed to make everything public.

Elon Musk: Some Data Likely HIDDEN and DELETED From Twitter Files

Musk’s comments came in the wake of the ‘exiting’ of James Baker, the FBI-affiliated Twitter Deputy General Counsel who was revealed to have vetted the first round of files without Musk’s knowledge before they were sent to journalist Matt Taibbi.