Law enforcement reportedly treated situation as a barricaded subject-type call, rather than an active shooter call, according to inside sources.Teacher shot during massacre says gunman held him hostage before shooting kids.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Lone gunman Salvador Ramos barricaded himself inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, before holding children and teachers hostage, new reports claim, a dynamic that would have complicated the situation outside the school for police officers.

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Discussing the incident with Spectrum Local News, parent Marisela Roque told reporters her daughter’s teacher, “Mr. Reyes,” was recovering after being shot three times, and said he’d been held hostage by the active shooter before he opened fire on children.

“[Mr. Reyes] just got out of surgery. They’re taking tubes and everything out… He’s just now talking about it and he said it was scary that the shooter had him hostage and started threatening him before he shot all the kids,” Marisela told reporters.

Marisela’s 10-year-old daughter Katalina didn’t witness the shooting as she was miraculously pulled out of school earlier in the day.

The possibility of a hostage situation could explain why law enforcement agencies were hesitant to breach the facility, as seen in viral footage of officers appearing to prevent grieving parents from rushing the school.

The Daily Beast echoed reports of a possible hostage crisis, quoting a social media post from parent Jennifer Lugo – the mother of 10-year-old Ellie Garcia, who died in the shooting – that claimed her daughter’s class was being held “hostage.”

The hostage situation was highlighted on The Alex Jones Show Thursday, with Jones explaining from inside sources that police were hesitant to enter the building because they were under the impression a hostage standoff was taking place.

“What I was already hearing this morning was that the police thought it was a hostage situation because [Ramos] wasn’t shooting people. He went and held a class hostage and then when they started trying to bust in to stop it he killed the kids,” Jones detailed Thursday.

“And so everybody’s saying the cops were out there tackling people, they’re tasering people. It’s a horrible image and you’re a parent, you wanted them to save your children, and it probably would have been better to rush in, but then you could have got a bunch of kids shot in that process,” Jones said, reiterating, “It’s a hostage situation.”

Later in the show, Jones was joined by Infowars security director and certified police trainer Tim Enlow who elaborated on the hostage crisis from exclusive sources inside law enforcement.

“It now appears that some kind of contact was made with the shooter by law enforcement before he went into the school, and then somehow he managed to enter the school, enter a classroom, and then potentially lock that door, or somehow barricade that door to where law enforcement couldn’t immediately go after him,” Enlow said.

“The other thing I’m hearing is that, at first we were led to believe that this guy ran into the school and started shooting, but now they’re saying he may have been in that classroom for upwards of 30 to 45 minutes not killing, while law enforcement kind of treated it like a barricaded subject-type call, rather than an active shooter call.”

“If that’s the case obviously that’s going to have to be looked at and we’re going to have to look at in the future how we deal with that in law enforcement.”

The new intel comes as law enforcement agencies that responded to the shooting are being roundly criticized over footage showing them appearing to prevent parents from accessing the school during the shooting.