In one of the biggest scoops of their miserable careers, The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer and Zach Everson teamed up to publish a Friday story about a pastry chef who follows the QAnon internet phenomenon, and sometimes makes pastries with the “Q” symbol on them.

“Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort appears to employ a pastry chef who frequently posts online about her belief in the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory,” Sommer said.

He proceeded to provide the chef’s full name, and link to her Instagram account – because surely no crazed leftist would ever use that information to harass the poor woman. It’s not like other left wing outlets ever doxed a Trump-supporting grandma who subsequently received death threats, or threatened a Reddit user with doxing after he made a gif image they didn’t like.

“On Christmas, for example, [the chef] posted an Instagram picture of a gingerbread house in what appears to be a Mar-a-Lago ballroom. The side of the gingerbread house is emblazoned with a ‘Q’ made of blue frosting and dusted with glitter,” the report said.

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Sommer made sure to clarify that his fake news comrade Zach Everson was behind the groundbreaking report.

“All credit goes to [Zach Everson] for breaking the QAnon pastry chef story. He does a great job covering Trump’s business, so sign up for his newsletter:” Sommer said.

Everson is known for his coverage of right-wing figures who appear at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. His work there is about as intrepid as his work on the QAnon pastry chef – he has only managed to catch this reporter there once, despite multiple visits. One imagines that next week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in D.C. will be akin to Everson’s Super Bowl, so expect a lull in coverage on QAnon cookie bakers until at least early March.

BLP reached out to Everson to see if he was embarrassed by his own work. He did not immediately return a comment request.