White House press secretary gaslights press when asked why Joe Biden hasn’t held a press conference in months.

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Sometimes, even mainstream media reporters can’t stomach the blatant lies from the Biden White House.

When asked at a Monday press briefing when Joe Biden would end his long streak of not holding press conferences, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre argued that Biden already takes an “unprecedented” amount of shouted questions.

“I’ll say this, it is also unprecedented that a president takes as many shouted questions as this president has. And he has,” she declared.

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Several reporters shut her down with groans and retorts of “no.”

The statement was so absurd that even reporters friendly to the Biden regime couldn’t let that remark slide.

When another reporter asked when a press conference from Biden could be expected, Jean-Pierre replied, “Right now we just don’t have anything on the books for a press conference at this moment. The president always loves to take your questions, shouted questions.”

It’s well-known that on the rare occasions, Biden does hold a press conference, he either refuses to take questions or calls on reporters from a prepared list.

Biden’s last press conference was on January 19.