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Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs shredded President Joe Biden for going after a fundamental right when he spoke to reporters on a national holiday.

The representative spoke to host Carl Higbie when he crushed the president’s comments on Thanksgiving.

“How do you turn the Thanksgiving holiday into an attack on the Second Amendment? Well, this administration can do that at any time. This is one of their big goals,” he said.

“I was pretty upset that they would try to distract from the very special day to an attack on our rights, but that’s par for the course for the Biden administration,” the representative said.

“This notion that we’re going to go ahead and take away what we believe to be a God-given inherent right in this Constitutional Republic because Joe Biden doesn’t know the difference between an automatic, a semi-auto, what he likes to call assault weapons, that’s just absolutely, it’s tyrannical in its way,” he said.

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