MSM, the federal government and others are hiding the involvement of agent provocateurs

Source: NwoReport

Watch the full Thursday press conference where Congressmen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz bring up several high-profile events that were documented to have FBI informants, agents or other government assets involved in helping amplify these events.

They also show videos of Ray Epps and other bad actors during Jan 6th who have not been brought before the Jan 6th Committee.

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Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis also addressed the Democrats’ January 6th infatuation during a Thursday press conference.

DeSantis noted the media didn’t milk the shooting and attempted assassination of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise the way they are milking the Capitol event.

After Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas called the January 6th debacle a “violent terrorist attack,” Alex Jones responded by explaining that Cruz is trying to position himself to politically stay distanced from Trump supporters.

The mother of Ashli Babbit, the Trump supporter who was shot and killed inside the Capitol Building on January 6th, stood by Congresswoman Greene and told media reporters, “You’re not the Queen, Nancy Pelosi.”

The woman called for the release of the tens of thousands of hours of footage from security cameras in the Capitol that day.