Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

As the world becomes more dangerous and uncertain, there are two kinds of human responses that often surface.  There are those who are so understandably distraught by quickly unfolding events seemingly beyond their control that they throw up their hands in exasperation, fearing that all is lost.  Then there are those who, having recently awakened to the daunting issues surrounding us or having been stewing in their juices for years waiting for others to notice what’s going on, now find a fire in their bellies as an energetic determination takes hold.  I encourage you to find your way toward the second camp.

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It is not that I have unwavering optimism that all will be well; it is that I know that the more of us who accept reality for what it is and then proceed to tackle it accordingly, the more quickly we will achieve our goals.  Even the most demoralized among us know this to be true.  I have never met anyone who says, “And then the Global Deep State will take control and hold all power over the rest of humanity forever.”  Nobody worried about the collapse of the West believes that those doing the demolition will be permanently victorious.  Government tyranny is nothing new.  Evil disguised as part of a false State religion regularly returns.  Loss of liberty and the spread of slavery are regrettably routine.

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