Document reveals that many of the globalist-installed radicals wreaking havoc in American cities have ZERO prior prosecutorial experience.

Posted BY: Ben Warren

A bombshell report identifying 75 radical prosecutors funded by George Soros has been released by Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

Titled “Justice For Sale,” the report details how Soros installed the radicals whose policies have been wreaking American cities and notes that many of them have zero prior prosecutorial experience.

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Traditionally, elections for district attorney have been quiet affairs. Candidates spent very little on their campaigns, instead jockeying for local endorsements and burnishing their legal qualifications for the top job. That changed recently as millions of campaign dollars have flowed into these down-ballot contests. The bulk of that lavish spending on advertising and consultants has been done by (or on behalf of) “social justice” candidates.

In most of these free-spending contests, progressive forces proved victorious by either defeating incumbent Democrats or crushing a field of primary contenders. Strikingly, most of these prosecutors were political neophytes and had zero prosecutorial experience – previously an assumed prerequisite for office. Many have no previous criminal case experience.

The decisive factor in most cases was outside financing – unprecedented levels of campaign cash directly from large donors or through third-party allied groups (i.e., political action committees).

Read and share the full report below:

Justice for Sale LELDF Report by Paul Bedard

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