Source: Daily Mail

The National School Boards Association liaised with the White House and Justice Department before writing to Joe Biden, it emerged on Thursday, with their infamous letter complaining that threats made by parents against board members should be taken as seriously as domestic terrorism.

The NSBA, in an internal memo sent on October 12, revealed that they had held discussions with White House officials before sending the letter. The association represents more than 90,000 school board members in 14,000 public school districts.

The memo – obtained by Fox News – states that, on September 14, members of a liaison group ‘were informed there had been a meeting with White House staff that morning and that NSBA was preparing to send a letter to the President.’

On September 17, executive directors for states were told by the interim Executive Director that ‘a letter requesting federal assistance would be sent.’

On September 29, the letter was sent to Biden, asked for federal assistance to investigate and stop threats made over school policies such as curriculum, gendered bathrooms, and mask mandates.

The letter was sent after a combustible summer, which saw school board meetings become scenes of at times violent unrest.

Loudoun County in Virginia became the epicenter of anger, with people arrested after a confrontation in June.

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