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The article discusses emerging evidence suggesting that Joe Biden may have lied about his association with his son’s business during the 2020 debates. Email communications from Hunter Biden’s laptop indicate negotiations involving his firm, Rosemont Seneca, former Clinton aide Sally Painter’s Blue Star Strategies, and Burisma’s Vadym Pozharskyi. The emails highlight efforts to secure support from high-ranking US officials for Burisma. Additional evidence points to dealings between the Bidens and foreign entities, including Ukrainian companies, Russian figures, and the Chinese Communist Party.

America First Legal (AFL) recently revealed that they obtained over 1,000 emails from the National Archives between Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice President (OVP) through a lawsuit. The volume of these emails suggests significant communication between Hunter and his associates at Rosemont Seneca and the OVP. However, the White House has asserted executive privilege to withhold 200 emails, raising questions about the content contained within.

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The article details various interactions and requests involving Rosemont Seneca and the OVP. These interactions include requests for event tickets and favors, such as arranging a Christmas White House tour and seeking Vice President Biden’s photograph signature. Additionally, the emails suggest collaboration between Rosemont Seneca and the OVP to manage potentially damaging stories in the media.

The correspondence between Eric Schwerin of Rosemont Seneca, Kate Bedingfield of the OVP, and Bloomberg reporter Margaret Talev is highlighted, revealing discussions to downplay negative stories. However, Joe Biden’s involvement in these conversations remains indirect.

In conclusion, the article presents a collection of email communications that suggest connections between the Bidens, their associates, and foreign entities, raising questions about transparency and potential conflicts of interest. While the emails provide insights into various interactions, they don’t definitively establish Joe Biden’s direct involvement in certain matters related to his son’s business.