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In a recent report, it has been revealed that Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, engaged in efforts to impede a corruption investigation involving the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where he held a well-paid board position. The report highlights emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop, shedding light on his involvement in attempting to thwart the probe. In 2014, Hunter sought assistance from his law firm, Boies, Schiller, & Flexner, to address Burisma’s concerns about an impending corruption investigation by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office. Hunter suggested using the investigative agency Nardello & Co. to gather intelligence about those leading the company’s restructuring.

As the investigation intensified in 2015, Hunter connected Burisma with Blue Star Strategies, a consulting firm run by former members of the Clinton administration. Emails from Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi indicated that the objective was to prevent any legal actions against Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, in Ukraine. The emails also revealed discussions about lobbying the State Department, which was confirmed by a message from Hunter Biden’s business partner, Eric Schwerin.

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These efforts came to the attention of federal authorities, leading to the requirement for Blue Star to file Foreign Agents Registration Act paperwork in 2021. Hunter’s associate, Devon Archer, testified before a House committee that he believed Hunter sought his father’s help in late 2015 to address their pressure. The request was vague, referring to assistance from “Can DC help?” or “Can the Big Guy help?”

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, was fired following pressure allegedly exerted by then-Vice President Biden. Shokin claimed that his dismissal was due to his investigation into the energy company. Additionally, a Fox News report indicated that Archer met with then-Secretary of State John Kerry shortly before Shokin’s firing.

These revelations provide insight into Hunter Biden’s efforts to counter the investigation into Burisma and the subsequent political implications. The emails and testimonies underscore the complex dynamics involving political influence, corporate interests, and international affairs.