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In a dire warning, it’s clear that a significant crisis is looming, poised to impact every American profoundly. The blame for this impending disaster squarely rests on Joe Biden’s shoulders. The crux of the issue is the inevitable surge in utility costs. While you might already find your utility bills high, brace yourself for an even steeper climb, thanks to the developments in Alaska.

Wendy Patterson, a user on X, delivered a startling revelation. She highlighted that Biden’s decision to halt all drilling activities in Alaska on Federal land and the discontinuation of transporting liquid natural gas by train had left only trucking as transportation. This was compounded by the recent shutdown of Yellow, one of the nation’s most oversized freight and trucking companies, causing a significant supply chain disruption for liquid natural gas. Consequently, utility bills and gas prices are set to skyrocket.

Moreover, Biden’s previous strategy of using 300 million gallons of gas from reserves to artificially suppress gas prices can no longer be sustained. This has been a deliberate setup to escalate gas and utility prices, while the Biden administration may attempt to shift blame onto climate change when the crisis unfolds.

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The situation is worsened by strained international relationships, particularly with Russia and Saudi Arabia, which may retaliate by reducing their energy production. It’s astonishing to reflect that the U.S. was on the verge of energy independence a few years ago under President Trump, but now the situation has reversed. The Democratic Party’s stance has shifted towards being anti-energy and anti-humanity, leaving the consequences to be borne by the American populace.

In conclusion, the impending catastrophe in Alaska, exacerbated by transportation and supply chain issues and international tensions, paints a grim picture of rising utility bills and gas prices. Joe Biden’s policies and decisions have played a significant role in this crisis, and Americans are left to grapple with the consequences of these choices.