Could he win? Maybe, but what will be revealed is where the real gold is.

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I must say out the gate, I do not believe our existing societal systems can flesh out a thriving world. They can only, for the most part, maintain the status quo and continue a society built on wage slavery and disconnection.

I believe a better world is possible. I believe the human spirit is capable of something much greater, and this knowledge lies just beyond the conscious and subconscious programming we have come to accept about who we are and what’s possible for us.

This lens will be part of what guides the remainder of this essay.

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Several months ago when I heard through the grapevine that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was thinking about a presidential run I felt a glimmer of excitement. Not necessarily because I believed he could win per se, but because of what I feel will transpire in the lead-up to the election.

It’s also important to recognize Marianne Williamson is also running as a challenger to Biden. She too has very similar views as RFK Jr. but may not resonate with as many folks just yet.

Hearing Kennedy was going to run gave me a similar feeling to when The Freedom Convoy began. In both instances, I was moved by something that felt like a deep evolutionary potential. Something that’s building within our collective consciousness at a quickening rate. Something that says we are on the cusp, and in the process, of major change should we choose to embrace it.

Kennedy also acknowledges that millions of people have the right intuition that our societal systems don’t work in their favor. They feel our systems have been captured by corporations and elite interests, and this reality affects every level of our lives. As this becomes apparent to more people, solutions become a topic of discussion.

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