Biden is so disastrous that a Kennedy sounds like a deeply conservative candidate

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Joining Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces for a discussion Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Junior laid out his stance on major issues, sounding for the most part like a conservative candidate in comparison to the disaster that is the Biden administration.

On freedom of speech, Kennedy praised Musk for what he has done at Twitter and noted that it is “always the bad guys” doing the censoring.

“Free speech, and the free flow of information, is the water, the sunlight, the fertilizer, and the soil of democracy. Without it, democracy withers and dies,” RFK Jr. added.

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Kennedy also vowed to issue an executive order to stop censorship at the hands of the federal government:
On the issue of gun control, RFK Jr. committed to protecting the Second Amendment, noting that most mass shootings in the U.S. are linked to legal psychiatric drugs:

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