Trump was able to win competitive states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin — all states that are projected to lose one seat, according to the CIS study. Shockingly, Ohio will lose three more seats thanks to these redistricting changes.

On the other hand, Florida would gain three additional seats while New Jersey would add two and Illinois and Massachusetts would add another seat. “Apportionment is a zero-sum system; by adding more population to some states rather than others, immigration will continue to significantly redistribute political power in Washington,” the study argues. Illegal immigrants and their American-born children will cause pivotal swing states to lose seats.

“Illegal immigrants and their U.S.-born minor children will redistribute five seats in 2020, with Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Minnesota, and West Virginia each losing one seat in 2020 that they otherwise would have had,” the authors wrote. “California and Texas will each have two additional seats, and New York will have one additional seat.”

Certain reports show that continued mass migration is a policy that will put Democrats in a favorable position in future elections.

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