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Former championship swimmer Riley Gaines celebrated Republican lawmakers in Texas for banning men from women’s sports.

“I have heard that Governor Greg Abbott (R) of Texas is signing SB15, which is the saving women’s sports bill, into effect today,” Gaines said in a Thursday video. “This is huge news, not just for Texas, but for girls across the country.”

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“I could not be more grateful for the leadership of Governor Abbott and really taking this on and signing this into effect,” the former NCAA swimmer continued.
She also thanked “the leadership of Representative Valoree Swanson (R-TX) and Senator Mayes Middleton (R-TX) putting this bill forward and the leadership of Texas values,” she added. “Without them being at the forefront of this and making sure this is a priority for Texans, this wouldn’t be done.”
“So we have a lot of people to thank,” Gaines said.

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