No one liked this idiot As Arkansas Governor what makes him think anyone will vote for him for President

Posted BY: Jamie White

Another establishment Republican joins the presidential field to take on former President Donald Trump, who leads the pack by 30 points.

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) announced Sunday that he will run for president in 2024.

“I’m going to run for president of the United States,” Hutchinson told ABC’s “This Week” interviewer Jonathan Karl, adding that his “formal announcement” of the campaign would come “later in April.”

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“I’ve traveled the country for six months,” Hutchinson explained. “I hear people talk about the leadership of our country, and I’m convinced that people want leaders that appeal to the best of America and not simply appeal to our worst instincts. That inspires me when I see everyday Americans say, ‘Just give us good leadership. Give us common sense, consistent conservatism and optimism about our great country.’”

72-year-old Hutchinson served as Arkansas governor from 2015 until January 2023, when he was succeeded by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Hutchinson has faced criticism among his own party over his vocal criticisms of Donald Trump, his decision to veto a bill banning trans surgeries and medical procedures for children, and that the Jan. 6 riot “disqualifies” Trump from running for president again.

He also defended employer COVID vaccine mandates in 2021 but did criticize Joe Biden’s government-wide vaccine mandate.

To his credit, Hutchinson came out in defense of the blatantly political indictment against Trump last week.

But if Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who is widely popular among the Republican base, is trailing Donald Trump by 26 points in the 2024 race so far, it’s safe to say that Hutchinson doesn’t have a prayer.

The official 2024 Republican candidates are now Donald Trump, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, former Gov. Asa Hutchinson, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.Full Story