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SALT LAKE CITY — Sen. Mitt Romney on Tuesday firmly denounced Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recent call for a “national divorce,” harkening back on what happened in the U.S. during the Civil War.

“You know, I think Abraham Lincoln dealt with that kind of insanity,” the Utah Republican told reporters during a brief press availability during his visit with lawmakers at the Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City.

“We’re not going to divide the country. It’s united we stand, divided we fall,” Romney said.

He went on to criticize the state of today’s political discourse, placing blame on both political parties.

“Look, there’s no question, but there are some people in my party and in the other party that say things to try to get a headline and get people to send them money, and that happens to lead in today’s loony left,” Romney said, before adding, “I should say loony right.”

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Romney’s comments are the latest examples of the senator condemning extremism within his own party. The day before, another Republican politician from Utah, Gov. Spencer Cox, also condemned Greene’s comments.

“This rhetoric is destructive and wrong and — honestly — evil,” Cox tweeted. “We don’t need a divorce, we need marriage counseling. And we need elected leaders that don’t profit by tearing us apart.”

Romney’s and Cox’s comments illustrate the divide within the Republican Party. Romney, who voted to convict former President Donald Trump, and Cox have taken their lumps from conservative delegates at the state Republican Party convention as well as from conservative political commentators like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

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