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Street racers in Austin wreaked havoc Saturday evening – throwing fireworks at police vehicles as fire erupted in the streets – while desperate 911 calls were put on hold for nearly a half hour. 

According to officials with the Austin Police Department, several police vehicles were damaged as takeover attendees pushed back and threw fireworks during what officials have described as a ‘street racing incident.’

At least one police officer was injured and multiple people caught on fire while a vehicle performed donuts during the incident in the city’s downtown area. 

The event has now sparked outrage from citizens, with local Council Member Alison Alter telling the Austin American-Statesman that she ended up on hold for 28 minutes after stumbling upon the takeover.

The average hold time for a 911 call in Austin was two and a half minutes, according to reports from October – because of a lack of staffing. 

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In a statement released on their social media pages, police officials said the matter is still under investigation at this time.    
‘Lawbreaking in this manner will result in enforcement and arrest. Our community’s safety is the #1 priority for APD,’ the department said. 
One video of the takeover posted on Twitter Saturday evening shows people pushing back against a patrol vehicle and hitting the hood of the car. 
Sirens wail as the group uses their arms and signs to push the car back. 

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