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On Tuesday eighty-year-old Joe Biden announced that he plans to run for president again in 2024, and would like to bring incompetent Kamala Harris along for the ride. The pair have failed Americans; after a time of unparalleled freedom and economic prosperity under President Trump, the Biden-Harris team has run America into the ground. We face economic woes, an open border, massive levels of crime, and a new wave of slavery as human trafficking surges. After a time of peace, we are now thrown into global chaos as America fights other countries’ wars instead of engaging in diplomacy. All of the issues can be directly tied back to Biden’s weakness and personal corruption.

In the wake of Joe Biden’s announcement that he plans to run for a second term with Kamala Harris, the Republican party released a video depicting what four more years under the Biden-Harris team could look like. If those who love America do not fight to keep her strong, the country’s future could be very bleak indeed.

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