Charlatan Rob Reiner: Trump Must be Removed - USA Memes


Far-left Nut Case Hollywood Director Rob Reiner said Monday that President Trump must be removed from office in order to allow America to heal from the Coronavirus.

“We will get through this. But unfortunately not with the help of this President,” Reiner tweeted.

“First he must be removed from the public square to let competent experts take over, then he must be removed from office to allow US to heal.” reports: Rob Reiner is the least entertainer to attack President Trump over his handling of the coronavirus. On Friday, several stars took aim at the president’s rose garden press conference in which he announced more measures to combat the deadly outbreak.

“No one is more repulsed by Trump than I (except for those subjected to seeing him naked) but this narrative that he called the actual virus a hoax is patently false,” tweeted songwriter Richard Marx. “He said Dems’ claim he didn’t respond to it appropriately was a hoax. Turns out they were still right.”

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