'Armies of the stupid' Bob Geldof in unbelievable rant at Boris Johnson and Donald Trump | World ...

Source: Breitbart report

Iconic rock musician Bob Geldof, who wrote hit singles including ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ and ‘I Don’t Like Mondays,’ said in a recent interview that it’s obvious President Donald Trump is heading for a landslide victory in November because the “absolutely pathetic” Democrat party has become too radical.

There isn’t a single candidate there who can win,” said Geldof, referring to the field of Democrat presidential candidates that has been winnowed down to the uninspiring choices of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Geldof, 68, told The Daily Beast he thinks the party’s platform has become too radical.

They need to stop this fucking health care for all, and climate reduction. That’s not going to happen, so stop saying it. I know young people want that, and they’re correct to want it, and America deserves it, but it’s not going to happen in the term of a presidency, and it’s not even aspirational — not when the other side operates the way they do.”

Breitbart report: Geldof added that Democrats should return to a more moderate platform and embrace a spirit of openness and generosity toward other countries.

That will appeal to Americans, because that’s what they believe themselves to be. They’re not, but they believe themselves to be that,” he said.

Bob Geldof also sounded off on President Trump, saying his administration is hastening America’s demise.

Trump will reduce the American republic to a state of infantilism and a plutocracy run by the very few, very wealthy, to its own ends,” he told The Daily Beast.

We’re looking at something exactly like the fall of the Roman Empire. This is just pre-the end. Trump has got fine populist instincts, and therefore, speaks to the moment. But he is a vulgar fool, and a very dangerous one.

Geldof also claimed without evidence that President Trump is lying about the economy.

The lies about the economy he tells, at a cost of $1.9 trillion in debt, are just him behaving exactly as he’s always done: He borrows, the business is shit, it goes bankrupt, and he calls Chapter 11 and screws everyone who gave him money. America can’t call Chapter 11. What will get screwed are the people of America.”

Geldof was speaking to The Daily Beast in order to promote a new documentary about The Boomtown Rats titled Welcome to Boomtown, as well as the Rats’ new album, Citizens of Boomtown, its first in more than three decades.

The musician is a staunch liberal activist who actively campaigned against Brexit.