“You’re making millions and someone is comparing you to a slave,” he said.

Source: Kelen McBreen

Top podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan mocked failed NFL player Colin Kaepernick over a recently released Netflix special where he compared professional football players to slaves.

The quarterback turned activist claims players being examined by coaches and staff of NFL teams leading up to the league’s draft are being treated like slaves who were sold at auctions over a hundred years ago.

“Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod, and examine you searching for any defect that might affect your performance,” Kaepernick says in the Netflix production. “No boundary respect. No dignity left intact.”

Rogan asked comedian Theo Von if he’d seen the absurd video during Monday’s edition of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“Bro, Throwsa Parks, that’s what I call that dude,” Von answered. “I did try to watch it. It makes me sad because it’s the lowest pandering for racism that you could create… I think it takes away from real racist shit that happens.”

Joe chimed in, “Imagine comparing the ability to do it or not do it… you sign up for it. Like, so many people who play football want to be in the NFL, it’s a goal, it’s a dream. You can make millions of dollars. Imagine comparing that to slavery simply because they measure people’s physical performance.”

“That’s to see how physically adapt you are, how good you’re going to be at football so they’ll give you tons of money,” Rogan continued. “The idea that this is even comparable to slavery… whoever fucking wrote that down and the fact that he read it and said it… What the fuck are you talking about?”

Von noted the video is insulting to white people, who are portrayed as racists trading NFL players on a slave block.

“It’s insulting to the players too,” Rogan said. “Can you imagine you’re comparing the players to slaves? The players want to be there, it’s a life goal, it’s a dream. They’re actually NFL stars, like they’re actual superstars in the NFL and someone is comparing you to a slave. You’re making millions and someone is comparing you to a slave.”

The American people are waking up to the establishment’s divisive race-baiting tactics.

Watch part of the ridiculous Netflix special below: